Health and wellbeing for foundation doctors


This module has been updated to reflect the GMC's 'Good medical practice' (2024) guidance.

Looking after yourself is just as important as looking after patients, especially when you're starting out in medicine. Anyone entering the medical profession won't be surprised to find it's a high-pressured career, placing demands on your time, resources and stamina.

Managing these demands is part of being a doctor - but it isn't easy, and sometimes the balance can tip in the wrong direction. If left unchecked, stress and anxiety can build up and impact your health, or your ability to deliver safe care to patients.

This course shines a light on the impact of these issues, and aims to help you recognise the warning signs in yourself and others, as well as the steps you can take to seek support.

  • Module 1 focuses on strategies for coping with adversity, spotting signs of mental ill health, and potential barriers to seeking help.
  • Module 2 covers sources of worry, responding constructively to negative feedback, and the psychological impact of complaints.
  • Module 3 looks at the ways people cope with stressful situations, managing anxiety at work, and self-help resources.
  • Module 4 explores burnout and depressive symptoms, and the steps you can take to help yourself, and support a colleague who's struggling.
  • Module 5 is an assessment consisting of eight multiple choice questions.

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