Defending you

Representing you during a GMC fitness to practise investigation/Medical Practitioners Tribunal service (MPTS) tribunal

One of the toughest experiences for a doctor is to face a registration body fitness to practise tribunal. Your career and reputation are on the line. At this point you want to know you have the best medical experts and lawyers defending you.

The costs of defending a GMC case can be more than £50,000. However, you can rest assured that we can represent you at a hearing, giving you the best chance of a good outcome.

If your GMC case leads to a referral to the High Court, either by the GMC or by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA), we can be by your side, providing you with strong legal representation.

Representing you at a criminal trial

While rare, doctors can face police charges arising from their treatment of a patient. Faced with the ordeal of a public trial and the threat of prison, you need experts on your side as well as by your side. We can provide you with expert legal help to build and present your case and defend you.

Representing you at a disciplinary hearing

If you face a disciplinary hearing in connection with your clinical practice, we can provide you with expert advice and representation and attend with you (where permitted under the procedures).

Professional indemnity for claims

You can approach us to seek assistance with claims that arise from the normal practice of clinical medicine in the UK that are not indemnified by an insurance policy or NHS scheme.

We recognise your professional reputation is at stake. This is why we will not settle a claim unless you agree. Over the last 10 years, we successfully defended over 75% of claims, making no compensation payments.

Where it is appropriate that patients are compensated, we aim to do so quickly and efficiently to reduce, as far as possible, the stress for everyone involved.

MDU assistance with claims can include:

  • paying compensation, claimants' legal costs and defence expenses arising from claims for professional negligence arising from your clinical practice (including assistance for your personal representatives and beneficiaries if a claim arises after your death);
  • defence costs (but not damages) for claims which arise from allegations of defamation against you, arising from your clinical practice;
  • defence costs (but not damages) for claims which arise from allegations, which are not proven or admitted, of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, unlawful discrimination or any other alleged unlawful conduct by you which arises from your clinical practice; and
  • indemnity for claims arising from Good Samaritan acts carried out anywhere in the world.

Reporting a claim

If the claim made against you in primary care relates to work indemnified by a state-backed scheme, this needs to be reported to NHS Resolution in England or NHS Wales Shared Partnership - Legal and Risk Services in Wales.

Usually the first time you hear about a claim for compensation against you is when you receive court papers or a letter from a patient or their solicitor (a 'letter of claim'). This can be a shock.

Our claims team is here to support you every step of the way. The team includes doctors, professional indemnity claims experts and solicitors, who will keep you informed about the progress of the claim.

Once you have told us about the claim, an adviser will send you a checklist of documents we need from you.

We will ask you to send your documents as soon as possible to:

Claims Manager
MDU Services Limited
One Canada Square
E14 5GS

It's important that you do this straight away, as we usually only have 16 weeks from you receiving a detailed 'letter of claim' (or less time if you have received court papers) to provide a detailed response.

Reporting a claim to us is easy. Simply call our medico-legal helpline on 0800 716 646 (or 1 800 535935 from Ireland). The sooner we know, the sooner we can help you.

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