Transitional Benefits explained

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The Governments in England and Wales have announced they will introduce a state-backed indemnity scheme for primary care in England and Wales. For such a scheme to be workable it must assume responsibility for claims costs which have not already been paid for general practice undertaken under an NHS contract.

Transitional Benefits differ from standard MDU member benefits in the following regard only. For any work you do under:

  • an NHS primary care contract in England or Wales, including as an employee or locum working in a practice/company which has an NHS primary care contract, or;
  • an APMS OOH contract with a CCG, or;
  • integrated urgent care delivered through an NHS Standard Contract.

You can report new claims arising from incidents occurring during a period of Transitional Benefits and have access to assistance and indemnity on these claims from the MDU while you remain an active paying member of the MDU or are in a period of Extended Benefit Rights, up until the point a state-backed scheme is introduced to assume the cost of these claims.

transitional benefits explained

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