Writing a response
How to respond to a complaint

25 May 2022

Writing a good response is a crucial part of successfully resolving a complaint.

Young doctor looking worried
Raising concerns

10 May 2022

Our advice for raising concerns about patient safety, dignity or comfort.

Doctor writing a report
Tips for foundation years: coroners' inquests and fatal accident inquiries

9 May 2022

Advice for foundation doctors responding to a request from the coroner or procurator fiscal for a statement.

Cannabis oil in pipette bottles
Prescribing cannabis-based products

6 May 2022

What you need to know about who can prescribe cannabis-based products.

Medical professional writing a report
Confidentiality and adults without capacity

3 May 2022

Laws around incapacity vary across the UK – but ultimately, you must consider the best interests of a patient who lacks capacity to make their own decisions.

DNACPR orders

3 May 2022

In the right circumstances, a DNACPR order helps ensure that a patient's death is dignified and peaceful.

preparing a vaccination
Notifiable infectious diseases

28 April 2022

Doctors have a statutory duty to notify the local authority of suspected cases of certain infectious diseases.

Doctor and patient discussing complaint
Responding to complaints in Northern Ireland

27 April 2022

How to respond to complaints in Northern Ireland, including monitoring and learning.

Image of pen and stethoscope
Revalidation: what you need to know

27 April 2022

Understanding the essentials of revalidation.

waiting room appointment
Missed appointments

25 April 2022

Who takes responsibility when a patient fails to attend an appointment - the doctor or the patient?