Crowd taking photos
Patients in the public eye

28 June 2018

How to maintain patient confidentiality under the increased scrutiny of the media and public.

Image of padlock against digital binary numbers
Protecting patient data

21 May 2018

Memory sticks are great for transporting your personal photos and documents. But they are not suitable for storing identifiable patient data. Here's why.

documents in filing cabinets
Freedom of information

21 May 2018

What are your responsibilities for making information available to the public under the Freedom of Information Act?

Files in cabinet
Storage and disclosure of child protection documents

21 May 2018

Include child protection documents in records if necessary, important or relevant to the patient's clinical care.

police managing crowd
Counter-terrorism and confidentiality

30 March 2018

Your legal obligations to report, and how to raise concerns if you believe a colleague poses a risk to themselves or others.

Plant shoots emerging from the ground
Your first year as a GP

26 March 2014

Dr Nicola Bailey, a member of the medical claims team and former GP, outlines her first role in general practice and informs readers of the top ten things to look out for as a newly qualified GP.

MDU guide for consultants

We have developed this guide to support you in some of the common challenges you may face as a consultant. The content will be added to and updated regularly. I hope you find it useful. If you have any medico-legal questions or concerns please seek our advice on freephone 0800 716 646.

Ethical dilemmas

A selection of short dilemmas (anonymised for confidentiality), which illustrate some of the situations where the MDU has assisted consultant members.

open book
Clinical negligence: glossary of legal terms

Glossary of legal terms used throughout the MDU's guides to clinical negligence

man upset reading letter
Clinical negligence: your questions answered

Your questions answered regarding clinical negligence and what to do if a case is brought against you.