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If you need more specific advice you can call one of our medico-legal advisers on 0800 716 646. They are available between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and provide an on-call service for medico-legal emergencies or urgent queries 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Alternatively you can fill out our form and an adviser will respond.

Popular resources about Prescribing

  • The pitfalls of treating work colleagues
    Blurred lunes

    People who don't work in general practice might be forgiven for thinking that one of the perks of working for a GP is having swift access to medical attention. But treating work colleagues is generally discouraged, for sensible reasons. MDU medico-legal adviser Dr Sally Old explains the pitfalls.

  • Dispute over prescribing
    dispute over prescribing

    consultant paediatrician asks a GP to prescribe a drug she is unfamiliar with for a neonate with complex problems. Who bears the responsibility should something go wrong?

  • Co-prescribing unlicensed medicines with a GP
    unlicensed medicines

    You are asked to prescribe an unlicensed drug, but you believe it is unethical and possibly illegal to prescribe a drug outside of its product licence. What would you do?

  • Self-prescribing
    Self prescribing

    Self-prescribing can lead to serious consequences. Read our guidance on prescribing for yourself or for anyone you have a close personal relationship with.

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