We listen when you need to be heard

The MDU is run by doctors, for doctors. You can count on our personal support and robust defence of your professional reputation if your clinical competence or care of patients is questioned.

Our support can help you successfully manage the challenges you face in practice. Get expert guidance from our medico-legal helpline so you can practise with confidence.

We’re here for you and your team with free online CPD, webinars and educational courses. Our group scheme is free to set up and offers benefits like practice-based seminars.

Due to the anticipated introduction of NHS indemnity for GPs working under an NHS contract in England or Wales, the benefits of membership will be Transitional Benefits, rather than traditional benefits. 

Why you should choose the MDU

What are the benefits?

  • Robust defence of your professional reputation if you face a GMC or disciplinary hearing.
  • Professional medical indemnity that meets GMC requirements, pays your legal costs and compensates patients if you face a claim.
  • Expert advice from doctors answering our 24-hour medico-legal helpline with practice-related queries on confidentiality, patient consent, complaints, record keeping and more.
  • Practice support for GROUPCARE members with employment law advice from Peninsula and free/discounted indemnity for other medical professionals* working in your practice.
  • Evidence for your revalidation with MDU courses and online CPD.
  • Stay up to date with case studies, ethical dilemmas and the MDU journal.

Member story

Dr Ian Fletcher called upon the MDU for help after receiving a complaint from a patient.

Doctors face a lot of emotional stress in their daily lives and the extra burden of a complaint increases this in a variety of ways.

The MDU is here to guide, support and defend its members when facing these difficult situations.

Becoming a member

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Frequently asked questions

How do you calculate a session?

Your subscription is based on the average number of weekly sessions you work across your membership year, and we define a session as a block of anything up to four hours of clinical work.

Here's how to work out the number of hours worked per week:

  • Do include:
    • anything that might give rise to a clinical negligence claim, such as time spent writing up clinical notes, making referrals, issuing prescriptions and so on
    • regularly worked extra hours (eg, if the surgery frequently overruns)
  • Don't include:
    • time spent on general admin, employee issues, etc.
    • extra hours you might occasionally work (eg, if the surgery occasionally overruns beyond your scheduled hours)
    • annual/study leave or time away from the practice.

Once you know the number of hours you work a week, you can work out the number of sessions:

Calculating sessions

If you’re not sure if your subscription is session-based or you have any questions about calculating sessions, contact our membership team on 0800 716 376.