Case studies

Woman taking tablets
Unwise decision to self-prescribe

10 January 2014

One SHO's dilemma demonstrates the difficulties that self-prescribing can create

Young doctor looking worried
Conflicts of interest

4 December 2013

A GP was offered a new device for to try out for a year. The device recorded blood sugars taken by patients in their homes and sent the results directly to the GP system which automatically alerted the GP to any abnormalities.

Covert surveillance

4 December 2013

A consultant rheumatologist who occasionally provided medical reports in relation to insurance claims was asked by an insurance company to review video evidence.

Tract records
Testicular torsion

4 December 2013

The patient presented to his GP, an MDU member, the day after a football match. He reported that he had tackled an opponent but slipped and landed astride the other player's leg.

Spindle cell carcinoma

4 December 2013

A 39-year old man was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon, an MDU member, because of continuing pain in his right shoulder. He had already had physiotherapy and a joint injection but neither had been helpful.

Request for child
Request for a child's notes

4 December 2013

Are you obliged to disclose a 14-year old's record to his father, who is estranged from his mother? It's a question of parental responsibility and whether the child has capacity to consent himself.

Raised PSA

4 December 2013

The patient brought a claim alleging negligent failure to inform him of the PSA result of 13.8.

Lump behind the knee

4 December 2013

The patient, a 60-year old woman who had previously been fit and well, consulted a GP MDU member for a second opinion on a lump behind her right knee, which her own GP thought was a Baker's cyst.

Pneumonia in neonate

4 December 2013

In 1990, a 30-year old primigravida patient consulted her GP at 26/40 with symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI).

criminal records
Full records help defence

4 December 2013

The patient, a 25-year old woman, initially saw her GP complaining of a sore throat and a cough and was diagnosed with a respiratory tract infection.