Case studies

clock hands
A delayed diagnosis

24 November 2010

A GP contacted the MDU to request assistance with an Ombudsman’s investigation into a complaint from the daughter of a deceased patient.

Removal from a GP list

24 November 2010

A GP member received a complaint from a patient who had been removed from the practice list.

Patient request for cessation of ventilation

15 November 2010

A young patient with motor neurone disease requested cessation of ventilation. The case received a great deal of publicity at the time and it is a significant judgment.

Image of a prosthetic hip in x-ray
Acute angle

1 August 2010

Premature loosening of a prosthetic hip joint was not due to sub-optimal positioning

Image of diabetes test
A reluctant diabetic

1 August 2010

A GP is concerned about a patient who does not engage in ongoing monitoring

Consultation 'corridor'

1 August 2010

By chance, a GP discovered more about a patient’s condition in the supermarket.

Eye pressure

1 August 2010

Blindness in one eye followed general anaesthetic for spinal surgery

Hip dislocation

1 August 2010

Following the initial hip check in hospital at birth,which confirmed hip stability, the patient was examined at home by her GP at four days old.The GP noted that the baby’s left hip was ‘clicky’.At a further check six days later no abnormalitywas detected, nor at a nine weeks check.

Insight and remediation

1 August 2010

Speedy remediation helped a junior doctor at a GMC investigation

Rare tumour

1 August 2010

A rare vulval adenocarcinoma went undetected