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Medico-legal helpline

0800 716 646


Include child protection documents in records if necessary, important or relevant to the patient's clinical care.

Image of pen and stethoscope
Revalidation - what you need to know

25 July 2017

Understanding the essentials of revalidation

GP speaking to patient
Patient confidentiality: disclosure to third parties

20 July 2017

Obtain consent to disclose identifiable patient information, unless it is required by law or justified in the public interest.

packed boxes
Planning for your retirement

20 July 2017

Things to consider when winding up your practice for retirement.

Doctor and patient discussing complaint
Responding to complaints in Northern Ireland

18 July 2017

Your quick guide on how to respond to complaints in Northern Ireland

Man complaining to doctor
NHS complaints procedure in Northern Ireland

18 July 2017

Your introduction to the NHS complaints procedure in Northern Ireland.

consent and young patients
Consent and young patients

7 July 2017

Assessing the best interests of children who are too young to make decisions for themselves is complex.

GP assessing patient capacity
Assessing capacity

30 June 2017

Assessing a patient's capacity is an essential aspect of being a doctor. Here's what you need to know.

CCTV in healthcare

23 June 2017

Surveillance in healthcare settings can be problematic, because of the need to protect patients' confidentiality.

Patients in the public eye
Patients in the public eye

23 June 2017

How to maintain patient confidentiality under the increased scrutiny of the media and public.

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