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Medico-legal helpline

0800 716 646


Diabetes diagnosis presents a medico-legal challenge for GPs, nurses and specialists.

Coroners' inquiries

23 March 2017

An introduction to coroners' inquiries and your duties as a doctor.

documents in filing cabinets
Freedom of information

21 March 2017

What are your responsibilities for making information available to the public under the Freedom of Information Act?

empty waiting room
Who takes responsibility for missed appointments?

20 March 2017

Who assumes responsibility when a patient fails to attend an appointment, the doctor or the patient?

disclosure on social media
Using social media

17 March 2017

Advice for maintaining professional integrity and boundaries on social media.

Young couple
Prescribing contraception to under-16s

5 January 2017

Ethical considerations in prescribing contraception to young people.

Stethoscope and a syringe

5 January 2017

Your prescribing duties at-a-glance.

Self prescribing

5 January 2017

Self-prescribing can lead to serious consequences. Read our guidance on prescribing for yourself or for anyone you have a close personal relationship with.

life and death
DNACPR orders

5 January 2017

In the right circumstances, a DNACPR order helps ensure that a patient's death is dignified and peaceful.

Young doctor looking worried
Raising concerns

15 December 2016

Our advice for raising concerns in your organisation.

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