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Medico-legal helpline

0800 716 646


Confidentiality is essential to the bond of trust between doctor and patient, and may only be broken in exceptional circumstances. This guide explains the ethical and legal principles of confidentiality.

police managing crowd
Counter-terrorism and confidentiality

25 April 2017

Your legal obligations to report, and how to raise concerns if you believe a colleague poses a risk to themselves or others.

Safeguarding vulnerable adults
Safeguarding vulnerable adults

25 April 2017

You have a legal and ethical duty to raise concerns if you suspect a vulnerable adult patient is being abused or neglected.

thumbs down
Dealing with online criticism

25 April 2017

What to do and how to respond when patients criticise your practice online.

Press cameras
Dealing with the media

25 April 2017

Your quick guide on what to do if you're approached by the media.

childrens sporting event
'Good neighbour acts' and volunteering at events

4 April 2017

If you are providing medical cover at amateur sporting or charity events, there a few things you will first need to consider.

Cycle helmet next to car
Good Samaritan acts

4 April 2017

Helping out in an emergency and the medico-legal issues involved.

picket fence
Registering patients from outside the practice area

31 March 2017

GP practices can register patients from outside their area without the obligation to provide home visits.

doctor with patient on home visit
Consulting without notes

28 March 2017

What to do in situations where it's not possible to enter date into records at the time they're made.

blood glucose level testing
Diabetes diagnosis

23 March 2017

Diabetes diagnosis presents a medico-legal challenge for GPs, nurses and specialists.

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