Patient looking distant
Dealing with challenging patients

14 June 2021

Patients become ‘challenging’ for a number of reasons. Here, we advise on managing the patient while protecting yourself, staff and other patients.

doctor with patient on home visit
Consulting without notes

4 June 2021

What to do in situations where it's not possible to enter data into records at the time they're made.

Significant event analysis, discussing documents
Significant event analysis

28 May 2021

Significant event analysis is a way of formally analysing incidents that may have implications for patient care.

documents in filing cabinets
How to respond to a subject access request for medical records

10 May 2021

Patients have a legal right to request access to their medical records.

Man checking emails on phones
Avoiding email dangers

4 May 2021

Security and protection of personal data is a key concern when emailing clinical information.

Children whose parents are separated
Children whose parents are separated

12 April 2021

If parents who have separated ask for medical information about their child, it's important to know how to handle the request sensitively and correctly.

childrens sporting event
'Good neighbour acts' and volunteering at events

12 April 2021

Make sure you have everything you need when providing medical cover at amateur and charity sporting competitions.

Young doctor looking worried
Conscientious objection

6 April 2021

A doctor's personal beliefs or conscientious objection to a treatment may prevent them from agreeing to carry out certain actions.

GP assessing patient capacity
Testamentary capacity in the Republic of Ireland

15 March 2021

Assessing a patient's capacity is essential for all doctors and there are medico-legal considerations. Here’s what you need to know.

man perturbed opening letter
Responding to a complaint in the Republic of Ireland

15 March 2021

Complaints are inevitable in medicine, and few doctors will get through their career without being involved in at least one, so it's vital to know how to respond.