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Lifting the medico-legal burden during COVID-19 pandemic

7 April 2020

Pauses to the NHS complaints and ombudsman’s procedures and fitness to practise investigations and hearings during the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus and student electives

12 March 2020

Advice for students planning or changing an elective

Graphic of people with facemasks
Department of Health and Social Care lists coronavirus (COVID-19) as a notifiable disease

6 March 2020

As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in the UK, all four jurisdictions have now taken legal measures to add coronavirus to the list of notifiable diseases.

Scottish flag
New powers for the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

10 February 2020

The role of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) has been expanded to include how whistleblowing complaints are handled

Passing model heart from one person to another
Organ donation law set to change to opt out system

11 October 2019

Organ donation will be moving to an 'opt out' system in 2020.

Close-up of medicine vial and syringe
Providing work-related vaccinations to practice staff

17 September 2019

The CNSGP scheme will not usually indemnify work-related vaccinations for practice staff - unlike the MDU.

Hospital doctors discussing patient notes
Patient safety and the importance of a just culture

12 September 2019

#patientsafety: the first annual World Patient Safety Day is on 17 September 2019

foundation wellbeing piece
Taking care of your wellbeing after medical school

30 July 2019

Dr Ellie Mein talks about what to expect during the transition from medical student to foundation doctor and offers some wellbeing advice for this busy period.

Incubator in hospital maternity ward
Working with healthcare safety investigators to improve maternity care

30 July 2019

The MDU answers members' queries about taking part in HSIB maternity investigations

importance of raising concerns
Common queries from foundation doctors

22 July 2019

Dr Ellie Mein shares some of the most common reasons foundation doctors call the MDU, and explains what you can do if you find yourself in a similar situation.