Risk management in primary care


This module has been updated to reflect the GMC's 'Good medical practice' (2024) guidance.

This e-learning module covers how risk management can help you identify and address risks before they lead to a near miss or actual harm.

Using the framework of a typical adverse incident, we'll look at:

  • some universal areas of concern in everyday practice
  • how to identify risk factors
  • what risk management tools you can use to mitigate these factors
  • some well-rehearsed practice protocols and safety netting advice.

This course will be useful for GP principals, practice managers, and anyone in the practice involved in risk management.

Learning objectives

  • to understand the common factors that cause adverse incidents and learn how to prevent them
  • to help you identify the prevalent risks that could undermine your practice
  • to understand how to employ effective risk management techniques within your organisation.

The course is made up of one module and will take about an hour to complete. You don't have to complete the course in one sitting. Save your progress as you go by clicking on the power button in the blue bar.

When you finish you will be able to do a knowledge check and download a certificate of completion.

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