Press releases

Doctors raise over 1,000 consent queries with MDU as revised GMC guidance published

30 September 2020

Guidance includes seven key principles of decision making and consent.

Pandemic-hit NHS finances must be protected from burden of clinical negligence costs

17 July 2020

The NHS will struggle to recover from the strain of the coronavirus pandemic unless urgent action is taken to relieve it from the burden of clinical negligence claims.

MDU working to minimise impact of investigations on doctors during pandemic

15 July 2020

The burden of medico-legal investigations on doctors needs to be minimised as complaints processes and other investigations resume.

MDU makes it easier for doctors to manage their membership online

7 July 2020

Members can now view their proof of membership in the MDU app.

MDU appoints new head of claims handling to continue success in defending cases

15 June 2020

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) has appointed David Pranklin as its new head of claims handling.

Majority of doctors believe that their stress and anxiety levels have increased since the pandemic

19 May 2020

70 per cent of medical professionals surveyed feel that their stress and anxiety levels have increased since the beginning of the pandemic according to new research published by the UK’s leading medical defence organisation.

Impact of Covid-19 related claims on doctors' health and wellbeing must be recognised, says MDU

27 April 2020

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) is supporting a call by the think tank IPPR for a support package to protect medical professionals’ health and wellbeing during and after the pandemic.

Majority of doctors responding to MDU survey concerned about being criticised

16 March 2020

Doctors are concerned about the implications of attending a coroner’s inquest according to a new survey published today by the Medical Defence Union (MDU) to coincide with the latest edition of its journal.

MDU warns doctors to protect their online privacy to prevent advances from infatuated patients

13 February 2020

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) is warning healthcare staff to consider whether they are revealing too much about themselves online

MDU welcomes call for more compassionate workplaces for doctors

14 November 2019

The MDU welcomed an independent review into doctors' and medical students’ wellbeing