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What is the difference between occurrence and claims made membership benefits?

With occurrence membership benefits you pay an annual subscription which allows you to request assistance at any point in the future for a claim arising from an incident which happened in that membership year. 

With claims made benefits your membership entitles you to request assistance with matters arising from incidents that occurred during the period of claims made membership (including any agreed earlier "retroactive period") provided that when you notified the incident to us, or you first requested our assistance with a matter arising from the incident, your membership remains active. You will need to renew your membership annually, or apply for and be granted the right to request benefits in relation to a period of claims made membership, such as reporting new matters arising from incidents that happened during that period (and any retroactive period) which have not already been reported. This is referred to as extended reporting rights.

When a SpecialistSelect membership year ends, what happens to incidents I have already notified to the MDU?

Once we have agreed to assist with an incident which occurred during a period of SpecialistSelect membership you can expect that assistance to continue whether or not your membership is renewed.

What happens if I retire from practice?

If you retire permanently from practice we can continue to assist you with GMC investigations, claims or other matters that arise from incidents which have already been notified to us. However, you will need to apply for and be granted extended reporting rights for the continuing right to seek the benefits of membership for new matters arising from incidents which occurred while you were in SpecialistSelect membership or any retroactive period but which are notified later.

As long as you have been a member of SpecialistSelect for ten years or more at the time you retire (and have reached the retirement age for your NHS pension scheme) you can apply for extended reporting rights which may be granted without any further payment.

Similarly, if you are forced to retire through disability (and have taken ill health retirement under your NHS pension scheme) you can apply for extended reporting rights which may be granted without any further payment.

Does the level of service from the MDU differ between claims made and occurrence-based membership?

No, your membership entitles you to the same market leading quality service that all of our members can expect from us.

What is the situation with new notifications I make for incidents arising from a period when I was previously a member of the MDU on an occurrence basis?

If you were an MDU member on an occurrence basis before taking up SpecialistSelect membership, you may continue to ask for benefits on an 'occurrence basis' for an incident which happened during that period of membership.

Can I report claims arising from a period when I was insured with another claims made provider?

Where the MDU has agreed a retroactive period, you may request assistance for new claims made during your SpecialistSelect membership (or during a period of extended reporting rights where this applies) which arise from incidents when you were insured with another claims made provider which have not been reported to that provider.

When can I purchase extended reporting rights?

You must apply to purchase extended reporting rights before you resign from membership, or within 30 days of leaving membership.

In the event of your death, your personal representatives will have 30 days to apply for extended reporting rights once probate or letters of administration have been granted.

How much will extended reporting rights cost?

There will be no additional subscription in most cases for extended reporting rights for:

  • members who retire permanently from practice due to disability 
  • members who die
  • members who have been a SpecialistSelect member for 10 years or more and have reached the retirement age for their NHS pension scheme.

An additional annual subscription for extended reporting rights will be payable by members who resign their SpecialistSelect membership in any other circumstances. The cost of extended reporting rights will depend on a number of factors including how long you have been in SpecialistSelect membership, your claims history, and the extent and nature of your work during these years. As a guide, it is unlikely that total cost, paid over several years, will be more than two and a half times the highest subscription you paid during your period of SpecialistSelect membership.

The granting of extended reporting rights rests at the discretion of the MDU Board of Management.

What happens if I want to take a career break, an elective abroad or an extended period of leave (e.g. parental leave)?

In order for you to continue to be able to request assistance after you have started your break you will need to continue to pay a subscription, although this is likely to be at a reduced rate as you will not be treating patients.

Why is the subscription lower than your standard subscriptions for occurrence membership – will it suddenly rise once we are in the scheme?

Claims made membership is naturally cheaper in the first few years as it takes time for claims to be notified. Subscriptions are likely to rise over subsequent years, however they are likely to stay below those of the equivalent occurrence subscription, because you will need to apply for and be granted extended reporting benefits if you leave.