Supporting you when you need it

We know that members are still being affected by COVID-19, with added complications from different lockdown conditions throughout the UK.

We continue to provide a high level of service by phone and email and regularly review our advice on the impact of COVID-19 on members.

You can contact our medico-legal advice line at any time on 0800 716 376 for advice and support if you have any concerns. We'll continue to provide you with up-to-date and reliable information on our website as the situation develops.

Membership questions

Do I need to tell the MDU if I am doing COVID-19 vaccinations?

If you are vaccinating NHS patients and this is within the amount of hours or sessions that you have already told us about, then no. If your hours or sessions have changed, or you are doing private COVID-19 vaccinations, then you should contact us.

Who will provide indemnity for COVID-19 vaccinations?

We anticipate that for most members, including medical students, indemnity for clinical negligence claims will be provided under one of the state indemnity schemes (for example, CNSGP scheme in England).

I'm a retired member returning to practice to support the COVID-19 vaccination programme. Can I reactivate my membership to access medico-legal support?

Yes. We can provide membership for retired and returning doctors who are on the GMC register. Members can call our membership team on 0800 716 376 (international: +44 20 7022 2210) for help in reactivating their membership.

Do I need to tell the MDU if I am temporarily doing additional or different work specifically to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak?

You need to tell us details of any changes in the type or amount of paid work you will be doing, just email or call us on 0800 716 376. If the work is voluntary and attracting no payment or benefits in kind you do not need to inform us.

I am a GP and aim to do additional work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Do I need to tell the MDU?

You can tell us about additional paid work prior to your next renewal. This will ensure your membership benefits are correct for the work you do. Your sessions will be averaged over the course of the year and we will adjust your subscription accordingly.

Will my membership provide support with claims and other issues arising from NHS work as part of the response to the coronavirus outbreak?

Members providing NHS services as part of the coronavirus response can ask for our advice and support with medico-legal and ethical issues related to this work, as well as for work they do backfilling for colleagues undertaking front-line response.

We won't be able to assist with claims arising from NHS medical work related to the coronavirus response. This is because indemnity for this work will be provided by the state-backed indemnity schemes (Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts – CNST – and Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice – CNSGP) and the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Coronavirus (CNSC), as confirmed by NHS Resolution. This includes any backfill arrangements needed to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of NHS services.

I am going to continue to conduct telephone/video consultations instead of face-to-face consultations in my regular role. Do I need to tell the MDU?

No. As long as you are still carrying out the same work within your level of competence and experience, there's no need to inform the MDU. Please do let us know if you take on additional work, including telehealth work.

I am currently on a break from active membership or have retired and would like to return to practice. What do I need to do?

Just let us know you are returning to work. It’s quick and easy to do; just email or call us on 0800 716 376.

I am a consultant and my private work will reduce because I am helping our NHS colleagues during the pandemic. Do I need to tell you and will my subscription be reduced?

If the amount of income you had estimated for your membership year is going to change as a result of the COVID-19 situation, and you know by how much, you can contact us to tell us of your revised income.

Alternatively, you can do this towards the end of your membership year when you know the amount you have earned for the year. This will ensure your membership benefits are correct for the work you do, and we will adjust your subscription accordingly.

I am a GP and will be doing additional voluntary unpaid work during the COVID-19 pandemic, does this affect my subscription?

No, there is no additional charge for GP members doing additional voluntary unpaid work relating to the pandemic.

My elective has changed. What do I need to do?

If you need to cancel or rearrange your elective there is no need to tell us until you have rescheduled and have the revised arrangements confirmed. You can then update your elective details in My membership.