Facing a complaint or a claim can be difficult but there are steps you can take to help manage the stress involved.

upskill staff
Upskilling practice staff

13 September 2022

If your practice plans to delegate more tasks to non-clinical staff, consider these medico-legal aspects.

Confidentiality and children - The MDU
Confidentiality: children and young people

9 September 2022

The overriding consideration for healthcare professionals must always be the child or young person's best interests.

Man complaining to doctor
An introduction to testamentary capacity

31 August 2022

What you need to know about assessing testamentary capacity - the ability or understanding needed to make a valid will.

tracking test results blood
Tracking test results

31 August 2022

How to minimise risk and avoid complaints when tracking results in GP practices and hospitals.

Doctor holding patient
Breaking bad news

26 August 2022

Breaking bad news is a complex and sensitive task that needs practice and a considered, tactful approach.

medical records shelves
How to respond to a subject access request for medical records

23 August 2022

Patients have a legal right to request access to their medical records.

teenager leaning against tree
Gillick competence

15 August 2022

What is Gillick competence? Here's what you need to know about capacity and consent in young people.

consent and young patients
Consent and young patients

15 August 2022

Consent in children and young people can be complex – and the law varies across the UK.

holding hands parent
Parental responsibility

11 August 2022

Get to know the principles of parental responsibility with our quick guide.