MDU journal, spring 2023

In the spring '23 MDU journal: conversations and evolved consent

That patients have the right to be involved in decisions about their care and treatment is recognised by every doctor. And yet 'flaws' in the consent process remain a persistently common feature of clinical negligence allegations and claims.

With their actions and record-keeping under closer scrutiny by solicitors and regulators, it's an opportune time for doctors to reflect on what makes a good consent process.

In this issue of the MDU journal, we speak with Dr Michael Quinn about how he believes the process must evolve in the interests of patients and doctors - and that technology can support this transition.

On the record: conversations and evolved consent

Also in this issue

  • Redressing the balance - We expect a great deal from doctors, but the ethical standards they are held accountable to must be achievable and not set them up to fail.
  • Unconscious bias - The MDU's Dr Oliver Lord explains the importance of being aware of and challenging our implicit biases, and why every doctor could benefit from unconscious bias training.
  • Patient boundaries: when patients love you or hate you - What should you do if you find yourself on the receiving end of unwelcome attention from a patient?

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