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Student membership is free and available to medical students in the UK. Access revision resources, request sponsorship for virtual and face-to-face events, get member discounts, articles, support and advice, and free elective indemnity. Plus, join as a fresher and get an Oxford Medical Dictionary.

You can also turn to us for medico-legal advice if you face criticism from patients during the clinical aspects of your course.

Join thousands of students and become a member of the UK’s leading medical defence organisation.

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Find out more about the benefits of student membership, from support with studies, revision resources and elective indemnity to guidance and advice whilst you're on clinical placements.

What are the benefits?

  • Regular articles, interviews, dilemmas and study tips in your dedicated student hub.

  • Make savings on textbooks and request sponsorship for virtual and face to face events.
  • Super power your learning with the Synap revision platform.
  • Access a wealth of guidance on our website and the MDU app.
  • Get advice and support should you face medico-legal issues during your training.

  • Make light work of planning your elective with free elective indemnity and advice.

Free dictionary for freshers

Medical dictionary

Free dictionary for freshers

Students applying for membership as a fresher receive an Oxford Medical Dictionary.

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The MDU provide information you aren’t told about when you start medical school … Even if you don’t need medico-legal advice in the beginning, the MDU have lots of educational perks for their members … I believe every student would benefit from membership.”

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Medical student

From the very start of medical school, students are representatives of the medical profession. From here on, the MDU provides a subtle but essential support system. Knowing I have this level of support, if need be, allows me to fully immerse myself in the clinical environment and focus on learning. Aside from the benefits from a legal and welfare standpoint, the MDU also provides generous financial support to the clubs and societies of our medical school, which myself and other students are extremely grateful for. ”

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need access to medico-legal advice as a student?

Most medical schools ask you to join a medical defence organisation should you face medico-legal issues during your training. Anyone studying to become a doctor should be aware of the standards of professionalism set out in the GMC’s Achieving good medical practice: guidance for medical students

Failure to meet these standards could have serious implications for your studies and career. Your medical defence organisation can support you by providing advice and representation (where allowed) with local investigations and complaints.

When might I need support from the MDU as a student member?

Occasionally students encounter complaints arising from dealings with patients during the clinical aspects of their course. This might result in a local investigation. If a school believes a serious concern has been identified that calls into question whether a student should continue on the course, an investigation and hearing might be conducted under local fitness to practise procedures.

It’s rare, but students can also face a criminal investigation arising from their involvement in the care of patients.

As a student member, you can contact us for support in these circumstances and request our assistance in conducting your defence to the allegations.

How can you help me with my elective?

If you’re going on elective, it's important to make sure you have adequate indemnity in place. It’s likely your elective host will ask you for written confirmation, or may even ask you to pay for indemnity. One of the benefits of student membership is free elective indemnity.

When you’ve decided on your destination, go to My membership and complete the elective indemnity form. You can add up to three destinations and download and print your confirmation letter. We recommend you take this with you on your elective.

Unfortunately, due to legislation, we’re unable to offer indemnity for any work in Australia. However, we can provide you with access to our 24-hour medico-legal advice line and indemnity for good Samaritan acts.

Check our advice and tips for going on elective.