Intimate examinations and chaperones


When you carry out an intimate examination of a patient, there's a risk of your actions being misinterpreted as improper in some way. Because of this, it's important to consider how to protect yourself and patients.

This short e-learning module will focus on when, how and why to offer a chaperone, as well as documentation and carrying out an intimate examination. It also looks at the latest GMC guidance so you can understand your ethical and legal responsibilities.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module you should:

  • know when to offer a chaperone - and why
  • understand the GMC guidance on chaperones
  • feel confident in the process of offering a chaperone.

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  • Anonymous
  • 8 January 2024 4:56PM

Useful insight for all clinicians!!

  • Dr Tillu
  • 3 June 2020 1:51PM

useful training