Frequently asked questions

What are Transitional Benefits?

13 March 2019

Transitional benefits were introduced in response to the government's announcement of the development of a state-backed indemnity scheme for general practice in England...

What are Extended Benefit Rights?

13 March 2019

Find out more about Extended Benefits Rights...

Legal requirement for doctors to have insurance or indemnity

10 September 2015

It is a GMC legal requirement for doctors to have adequate and appropriate indemnity for their clinical work.

Am I indemnified if helping out at a sporting event?

In most cases, providing you have the appropriate training and equipment, your membership would allow for this type of work.

Are subscriptions (fees) available on your website?

We offer a wide range of subscriptions which are tailored for each member depending on the type and amount of work you do.

Calculating subscriptions (fees)

Your subscription will vary depending on the amount and type of work you do.

Does MDU professional indemnity still apply if I work over the 48 hours as advised by the European Working Time Directive?

As long as a member is appropriately trained and working within the law, you can request our assistance within the normal terms and conditions of membership.

Do you provide indemnity for working overseas?

If you are planning to work overseas, please let our membership team know.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you are taking a break or have retired from clinical practice, you may not need to cancel your membership.