Arm with wristwatch
Minimising risk in out-of-hours consultations

8 October 2021

There are various ways for GPs to minimise the risk involved with out-of-hours consultations.

GP reading a form or certificate
Fit notes

7 October 2021

A quick guide on issuing fit notes to patients who have been off sick and your ethical obligations.

disclosure on social media
Using social media

6 October 2021

Advice for maintaining professional integrity and boundaries on social media.

Man holding mobile phone
Text message communication in general practice

4 October 2021

Text messages are a low-cost and low-effort way for GPs to keep patients updated, particularly for large-scale communications such as flu jab reminders.

Man complaining to doctor
An introduction to testamentary capacity

21 September 2021

What you need to know about assessing testamentary capacity - the ability or understanding needed to make a valid will.

Coroners' inquiries

17 September 2021

An introduction to coroners' inquiries in England and Wales and your duties as a doctor.

blood glucose level testing
Diabetes diagnosis

20 August 2021

A delay in the diagnosis of diabetes can mean a patient misses out on the opportunity for appropriate screening and monitoring or preventive treatments.

Planning for your retirement

10 August 2021

Things to consider when retiring from practice.

Self prescribing

30 July 2021

Self-prescribing can lead to serious consequences. Read our guidance on prescribing for yourself or for anyone you have a close personal relationship with.

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Maintaining patient boundaries

16 July 2021

How to manage inappropriate patient behaviour and avoid blurring the lines with patient relationships.