Man complaining to doctor
An introduction to testamentary capacity

9 October 2023

What you need to know about assessing testamentary capacity - the ability or understanding needed to make a valid will.

police managing crowd
Counter-terrorism and confidentiality

19 September 2023

Your legal obligations to report acts of terrorism, and how to raise concerns if you believe a patient or colleague poses a risk to themselves or others.

Consultation between a doctor and patient with her daughter
Managing practice appointment systems

21 August 2023

Good communication and clear practice policies can help GP practices manage appointments more effectively without compromising safety.

Social media icons
Social media in the Republic of Ireland: top tips for doctors

1 August 2023

What advice is available to doctors in the Republic of Ireland on how to avoid the medico-legal risks of social media?

Claims in opthalmology image
Claims in ophthalmology

31 July 2023

Dr Claire Wratten, claims team manager, and Pete Renwick, lead claims handler, analyse clinical negligence claims against MDU ophthalmologist members over a 10-year period and offer advice on managing common risks in the speciality.

complaint notes documents
How to prepare for a complaint resolution meeting

24 May 2023

Local resolution meetings can be a helpful way to resolve complaints. Here's what you need to know.

The Caldicott principles: the proposed updates explained
The Caldicott principles and guardian roles explained

31 March 2023

What you need to know about the Caldicott principles and the National Data Guardian.

man perturbed opening letter
GMC provisional enquiries

17 February 2023

Here's what you need to know about GMC provisional enquiries and what to do if your case is being dealt with as one.

Patient looking distant
Dealing with challenging patients

30 January 2023

Patients become ‘challenging’ for a number of reasons. Here, we advise on managing the patient while protecting yourself, staff and other patients.

Flat tyre
Assessing fitness to drive

19 December 2022

You have responsibilities to a patient if their condition or treatment affects their ability or fitness to drive.