Fair compensation

Billions of pounds are haemorrhaging out of the NHS in clinical negligence damages awards. 

This is putting an unsustainable strain on the NHS and affects us all - as medical professionals, as patients and as tax payers.

We are taking action - join us

The MDU is campaigning for legal reforms to ensure that in future, compensation payments to patients will remain fair, but also be proportionate and affordable.

Our aims include: 

  • Reform of how compensation awards are calculated
  • Caps on the level of damages awarded for future care
  • Damages for loss of earnings capped at three times the national average salary per year.

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MDU calls for clinical negligence reform

Our chief executive, Dr Christine Tomkins featured on BBC Radio 4's Today programme and in many national and local news media talking about the spiralling cost of clinical negligence claims and what can be done to reform the system.

Dr Tomkins said: “This is money that should be going to healthcare, but instead is going to compensation claims – which is impairing all of our access to healthcare.

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NHS under strain from rocketing clinical negligence costs

The MDU has pointed out that the amount paid out by NHS Resolution in compensating patients through its clinical negligence schemes in 2018/19 could have funded over fifteen million MRI scans or 112,000 liver transplants.

Read our response to NHS resolution's annual report

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Critical issues

Claims inflation is rising faster than wage, house or retail price inflation.

The campaign

The campaign

What we are campaigning for and why