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preparing a vaccination
Monkeypox designated a notifiable disease

8 June 2022

Advice on notifying authorities of monkeypox cases

Cannabis oil in pipette bottles
Prescribing cannabis-based products

6 May 2022

What you need to know about who can prescribe cannabis-based products.

NHS treatment letter
Treating overseas visitors in primary care

28 April 2022

Civilians displaced by war will need help in accessing NHS treatment following their arrival in the UK.

Close up of hourglass with patient in background
How GPs can deal with referral delays caused by COVID-19

4 April 2022

Steps that could avoid patient harm if there is a delay in onward care.

Hands typing on laptop accessing data files
Citizen access to records - advice for GP practices

10 March 2022

From April 2022, patients with online accounts will be able to see new entries in their records. We answer your questions on how it'll affect your practice.

Ovarian cancer hands ribbon
Delayed diagnosis of ovarian cancer

10 March 2022

Ovarian cancer is often diagnosed in its late stages with more women dying from this type of cancer than any other gynaecological malignancy.

Avoiding diagnosis delays in endometriosis
Avoiding diagnosis delays in endometriosis

7 March 2022

Diagnostic delays for endometriosis can occur, with many of the symptoms similar to other common medical conditions.

doctor working on computer
GDPR: five things GPs need to have in place

7 March 2022

Practices must be mindful of several fundamental requirements to comply with the legislation.

Dealing with Valentine's Day advances

8 February 2022

How to deal with inappropriate advances from patients and avoid misunderstandings.

Illustration of nurse wearing mask with flu virus in the air
Healthcare assistants and flu vaccinations

12 January 2022

Healthcare assistants can administer flu vaccines, provided robust protocols are in place that follow the legal framework.