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passing a baton between hands
How to deal with a request for a private referral

13 July 2022

Make sure patients are referred down the right pathway for efficient access to the right specialist and to avoid complaints.

nurse complaint
Review of MDU files shows nurses face similar medico-legal concerns as doctors

6 July 2022

We’re helping nurse practitioner members with support and advice across a wide range of investigations.

Close-up of patient holding hands with doctor
Cultivating compassion

20 June 2022

The Medical Mediation Foundation team offer some tips on how to build your capacity for compassion.

Old car on bricks
Advising patients on fitness to drive in the Republic of Ireland

16 June 2022

What to do if a patient continues driving against medical advice.

Doctor writing fit note
Fit note certification extended to more healthcare professionals

16 June 2022

A wider range of healthcare professionals will be able to certify patients fit to work.

Discarded mask in bin
Dealing with patients who decline to wear a face covering

10 June 2022

What to do if patients refuse to wear a face covering or mask when deemed necessary.

Doctor and patient talking in consultation room
Getting back into the room

9 June 2022

Oscar Mathew, director of the Medical Mediation Foundation, shares some insights from conversations with medics about reinstating face-to-face connections.

preparing a vaccination
Monkeypox designated a notifiable disease

8 June 2022

Advice on notifying authorities of monkeypox cases

NHS treatment letter
Treating overseas visitors in primary care

28 April 2022

Civilians displaced by war will need help in accessing NHS treatment following their arrival in the UK.

Close up of hourglass with patient in background
How GPs can deal with referral delays caused by COVID-19

4 April 2022

Steps that could avoid patient harm if there is a delay in onward care.