Complaints: Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman


This module has been updated to reflect the GMC's 'Good medical practice' (2024) guidance.

The PHSO was set up by parliament to provide an independent complaint handling service for complaints that have not been resolved by the NHS in England and UK government departments.

The aim of this module is to give you an overview of how the ombudsman handles complaints.

Each complaint is individual, so get in touch with us for case-specific advice if you are contacted by the PHSO.

Over the course of the module, we will look at:

  • the role of the PHSO
  • how the PHSO investigates complaints
  • the actions the practice may take when contacted by the PHSO.

You'll also have the opportunity to test your knowledge as you work through the course.

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  • Dr Shami
  • 19 February 2023 9:17PM

excellent eLearning course