Case studies

Fishing net
Alleged delayed diagnosis of breast cancer

16 July 2018

A patient brought a claim against a GP member alleging delayed diagnosis and failure to identify breast cancer.

Barbell weights
Complications after shoulder surgery

16 July 2018

A patient brought a claim against an MDU member more than two years after having surgery.

Close-up of knot
Delayed diagnosis of hernia strangulation

16 July 2018

A patient with a known right inguinal hernia was seen at an out-of-hours GP unit by an MDU member.

Burning fuse
Disclosure in the public interest

16 July 2018

A GP had been seeing a patient with known mental health issues and a previous history of assaulting a third party.

Playing cards
Mix-up of patient records

16 July 2018

A GP partner called the MDU advice line following the death of a patient.

Mortuary drawers
Pressure to provide a death certificate

16 July 2018

A GP called the MDU advice line after having a difficult conversation with the coroner's officer.

Facebook image
Patient warned by GP after selling prescribed drugs online

23 April 2018

A GP contacted the MDU’s advice line because a member of the practice team had noticed a Facebook page in which a patient of the practice appeared to be selling prescribed drugs including diazepam and oxycodone.

Complication of thyroid surgery

29 March 2018

A 52-year old woman was admitted for a partial thyroidectomy. During her pre-operative assessment she was told about the risks associated with thyroid surgery.

lung xray
Near-fatal asthma attack

29 March 2018

A student attended a GP practice with a three-week history of a cough that seemed to be worse in the evenings.

police officers
When can I disclose information to the police?

17 November 2017

If the police request information, you will need to consider whether overriding your duty of confidentiality can be justified in the best interest of the wider public.