Man at keyboard with credit card
GDPR: reporting data breaches

7 March 2022

An unaddressed data breach can have a significant effect on individuals and result in heavy fines for those responsible.

Medical professionals in operating theatre
Probity and professionalism: Republic of Ireland

1 March 2022

The dos and don'ts of professionalism for doctors in the Republic of Ireland.

Magnifying glass and stethoscope
Medical Council investigations

1 March 2022

For doctors in the Republic of Ireland, finding yourself subject to a Medical Council investigation is an upsetting and stressful experience. Here's what you need to know.

team staff grievance
Dealing with staff grievances

28 February 2022

If a staff member comes to you with a grievance, act promptly and follow these steps.

duty of candour
Duty of candour: Scotland

28 February 2022

Healthcare organisations in Scotland are subject to a statutory duty of candour.

Stethoscope and a syringe

22 February 2022

Your prescribing duties at a glance.

Decision making patient consent
Advance decisions

14 February 2022

What you need to know about advance decisions and GPs’ obligations.

Avoiding TB diagnosis delays - The MDU
Avoiding TB diagnosis delays

2 February 2022

GPs play an important role in spotting tuberculosis (TB) cases – and diagnosis delays are a concerning area.

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Protecting yourself from a sexual assault allegation

2 February 2022

Sexual assault allegations can be distressing for everyone, so it's useful to know how to protect yourself from a misunderstanding.

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19 January 2022

The who, when and what of having a chaperone present during intimate examinations.