The Caldicott principles: the proposed updates explained
The Caldicott principles and guardian roles explained

31 March 2023

What you need to know about the Caldicott principles and the National Data Guardian.

writing report statement
How to prepare for an internal meeting after an adverse incident

13 March 2023

Getting prepared ahead of an internal investigation meeting is key. Here's our advice.

man perturbed opening letter
GMC provisional enquiries

17 February 2023

Here's what you need to know about GMC provisional enquiries and what to do if your case is being dealt with as one.

medical records
Effective record-keeping

2 February 2023

Clear, accurate records support clinical decision-making and patient care.

Patient looking distant
Dealing with challenging patients

30 January 2023

Patients become ‘challenging’ for a number of reasons. Here, we advise on managing the patient while protecting yourself, staff and other patients.

GP speaking to patient
Montgomery and informed consent

30 January 2023

Explaining informed consent and the significance of Montgomery vs Lanarkshire Health Board.

social media icons
Using social media

20 December 2022

Advice for maintaining professional integrity and boundaries on social media.

thumbs down
Dealing with online criticism

20 December 2022

What to do and how to respond when patients go online to criticise you.

Flat tyre
Assessing fitness to drive

19 December 2022

You have responsibilities to a patient if their condition or treatment affects their ability or fitness to drive.

Closeup of record button on device
Patients wanting to record consultations

28 November 2022

What should you do if a patient wants to record a consultation, overtly or covertly?