police officers
Foundation year doctors and criminal matters

30 July 2019

Recent cases have raised concerns among foundation doctors that their work might lead them to be involved in a criminal investigation. In fact, such cases are rare.

Woman crying
Domestic abuse: your legal and ethical duty

30 July 2019

Doctors and other healthcare professionals have a duty to be alert to signs of domestic abuse.

Doctor holding patient
Breaking bad news

23 July 2019

Breaking bad news is a complex and sensitive task which requires practice and a considered, tactful approach.

GP assessing patient capacity
Assessing capacity

27 June 2019

Assessing a patient's capacity is an essential aspect of being a doctor. Here's what you need to know.

Tools for improvement
Tips for a quality improvement project

22 May 2019

Initiating and participating in a quality improvement (QI) project can help achieve changes that make a real difference to a patient's hospital experience.

Blurred image of redacted text
Redacting third party information from notes

15 May 2019

You might sometimes need to remove or redact information from medical records when sending them to patients or third parties. Here's what you need to know.

Mother duck with ducklings
Parental responsibility

16 November 2018

Get to know the principles of parental responsibility with our quick guide.

Flat tyre
Assessing fitness to drive

6 November 2018

You have responsibilities to a patient if their condition or treatment affects their ability or fitness to drive.

Practice team
Upskilling practice staff

31 October 2018

If your practice plans to delegate more tasks to non-clinical staff, consider these medico-legal aspects.

mosquito sucking blood
Avoiding malaria pitfalls

10 September 2018

Patients travelling to malaria hotspots should be encouraged to seek early medical advice about preventative measures.