guide to report writing
Writing a report for the coroner

21 July 2022

If you're ever asked to write a coroner's report, it's important to know what to include.

An introduction to confidentiality

15 July 2022

Confidentiality is an essential part of the bond of trust that exists between doctor and patient.

Nurse practitioner complaint
Minimising complaints risk for nurse practitioners

6 July 2022

Advice for nurse practitioners on avoiding patient complaints and what to do when something goes wrong.

doctor signing a form
Signing death certificates and cremation forms

6 July 2022

A doctor's responsibility is to certify a deceased patient's cause of death by issuing a medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD).

CCTV in healthcare

6 July 2022

The use of surveillance in healthcare settings can be problematic because of the need to protect patients' confidentiality.

Doctor talking to patient
Handling complaints in the private sector

17 June 2022

Explaining the complaints-handling process in the private sector and the Code of Practice from the Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service.

GP reading a form or certificate
Fit notes

15 June 2022

A quick guide on issuing fit notes to patients who have been off sick, and your ethical obligations.

writing report statement
Writing a report or statement

14 June 2022

Doctors may be required to prepare reports or statements for a number of purposes. Here are some general report writing tips.

confidentiality record files
Disclosure to third parties

9 June 2022

What you need to know about disclosing patient information to third parties.

childrens sporting event
'Good neighbour acts' and volunteering at events

6 June 2022

Make sure you have everything you need when providing medical cover at amateur and charity sporting competitions.