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MDU asks GPs to put pressure on MPs to solve indemnity crisis

9 October 2017

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) is asking GPs to get behind its Save General Practice campaign by writing to their MP about the impact the indemnity crisis is having on the profession and patients.

Compensation culture damaging patients' ability to access their GP, says MDU

14 September 2017

GPs are bombarded with ever more costly compensation claims, because of the current medico-legal climate.

MDU says discount rate proposals won't solve the problem of unaffordable GP indemnity costs

7 September 2017

The MDU gave a cautious welcome to proposals to reform the way the discount rate is calculated

MDU welcomes NAO finding that more needs to be done to control spiralling litigation

7 September 2017

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) has today welcomed the findings of an investigation into spiralling clinical negligence costs carried out by the National Audit Office (NAO).

MDU says only 15% of claims against doctors succeed

10 August 2017

An outdated and adversarial legal system is leading to doctors and patients having to endure considerable stress and anxiety caused by medical negligence claims, yet few succeed, the Medical Defence Union (MDU) said today.

Good Samaritan doctors given advice on avoiding risks by MDU

6 July 2017

Doctors who help out in an emergency while off-duty or on holiday are being advised to make a detailed record of the incident, to explain their actions to the patient, if possible and to have a chaperone if they can, for any physical examination.

One third of GPs responding to MDU survey say they will quit NHS over indemnity costs

25 June 2017

A third (32%) of 846 GPs responding to a survey on professional indemnity say they are considering leaving the profession or retiring because they cannot afford the increased cost, the Medical Defence Union (MDU) revealed today.

MDU says discount rate law must change

11 May 2017

The Medical Defence Union says the law governing the discount rate* is not fit for purpose and the new Government must change it.

Majority of GPs concerned about being sued following a critical online patient review

9 May 2017

Medical professionals are becoming increasingly concerned by negative reviews published on online ratings sites according to new research published by the UK's leading medical defence organisation.

MDU offers indemnity savings for newly qualified GPs

3 May 2017

Newly qualified GPs could save more than £3,500 on the costs of indemnity in their first year of practice alone, the Medical Defence Union announced today.