Podcasts and videos

Writing a report
Writing a medico-legal report

9 March 2015

It’s always worth taking the time and trouble to get a medico-legal report absolutely right, says Dr Udvitha Nandasoma.

The Spiralling Costs of Defending Members
The spiralling costs of defending members

8 August 2013

Presentation by MDU chief executive Christine Tomkins at the January 2013 medico-legal roadshow.

RCP Q and A session
Q and A session - MDU medico-legal update

1 August 2013

Questions and answers session at the January 2013 medico-legal roadshow.

Clinical negligence claims explained

21 January 2010

Having your reputation called into question can be a daunting concept for any doctor. In this podcast, Dr Sharmala Moodley, deputy head of claims at the MDU, explains how the legal process works.

GMC letter
A letter from the GMC

7 September 2009

Getting a letter from the GMC saying someone has complained about you can be very worrying. MDU medico-legal adviser Dr Helen Burnell explains the process in this short podcast.