Podcasts and videos

Doctor standing in corridor
GMC investigations and reflections: webinar

7 September 2023

Find out what to expect if your fitness to practise comes under scrutiny by the GMC.

Doctor consulting with patient
Principles of patient consent and decision-making: webinar

9 August 2023

Learn about the GMC's guidance on decision-making and consent, and gain valuable insights on how to apply it in your medical practice.

Prescribing remotely through a computer
Avoiding prescribing errors: webinar

16 June 2023

This webinar explores the latest GMC guidance on prescribing, focusing on remote prescribing and patient consent.

GP assessing patient capacity
Assessing capacity: webinar

24 May 2023

Our webinar covers what you need to know about assessing a patient's capacity to make decisions about their treatment, and other key areas.

Opioids and the coroner: webinar

4 May 2023

This webinar delves into the details of coroners' investigations, with particular reference to deaths involving opioid medication.

coroner court
Attending a coroner's inquest

6 April 2023

What do you need to know to prepare for a coroner's inquest? Medico-legal adviser Dr Nicola Lennard offers practical advice in this video.

Introduction to conflict resolution webinar

21 January 2022

In partnership with the Medical Mediation Foundation, we consider ways of anticipating, understanding and dealing with patient or colleague conflict before it escalates.

Stressed woman
Handling challenging patient interactions effectively webinar

2 November 2021

Learn about challenging patient interactions and get practical advice on how to issue warning letters, behaviour agreements and deal with unfair criticism on social media.

Learning from practice: the reflective process

14 October 2021

At the MDU, we know how important reflection is after an adverse event. It can make huge difference to the outcome of a member's case.

New GMC guidance on prescribing: webinar

20 May 2021

The GMC's new guidance on prescribing places greater emphasis on remote prescribing and the importance of patient consent.