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This webinar examined several 'pinch points' when communicating with patients, where things can either go well or not as hoped.

Piggy banks
How could changes to the NHS Pension Scheme impact you?

1 May 2024

Changes to NHS pensions have left some healthcare professionals unsure how they're affected. Accountants Armstrong Watson help clear up the confusion.

Hospital doctor talking with patient
Managing complaints in secondary care

27 March 2024

Learn more about how to handle complaints, steps to take when you receive a complaint, and tips on reaching a resolution.

Legal statue
Managing the risks of the coroners' courts: webinar

20 March 2024

This webinar covers when a death should be reported to the coroner, and writing a report for an inquest.

stressed patient talking with doctor
Managing complaints - primary care

15 March 2024

Watch our webinar to learn more about complaints handling and tips on reaching a resolution.

hand reaching to open car door
Disclosing information to the DVLA: a joint presentation with the DVLA

7 March 2024

What information can doctors disclose to the DVLA about a patient's fitness to drive, and under what circumstances?

Employment law webinar
Employment law in primary care: webinar

14 November 2023

Our session on employment law in primary care covers how to address some of the main issues a GP practice can face.

colourful speech bubbles on blue background
Duty of candour - primary care: webinar

26 October 2023

Healthcare professionals must be open and honest with patients when something goes wrong that causes harm or distress, or has the potential to do so.

Illustration of doctors building a healthy head and heart
Patient safety framework: webinar

21 September 2023

Learn how to prioritise patient safety and overcome the challenges of raising concerns in healthcare.

doctor confidentiality laptop
Principles of confidentiality: webinar

12 September 2023

We explore the principles of confidentiality and relevant guidance for doctors in the Republic of Ireland.