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Drug-driving law

14 October 2015

Recent changes to the law now make it an offence to drive when over specified limits of certain drugs.

Woman taking tablets
Doctors self prescribing

14 October 2015

Self-prescribing or prescribing for friends and family is generally not advised for doctors.

Tablet with social media options on it
Doctors and social media

14 October 2015

Doctors can get into difficulties using social media, including breach of confidentiality.

Acting as a witness
Acting as a professional or expert witness

9 March 2015

The duty of both professional and expert witnesses is to the court.


9 March 2015

The dos and don'ts of using chaperones during intimate examinations. Presented by Dr Ellie Mein.

FTP hearing
GMC Fitness to Practise procedure

9 March 2015

What happens during a GMC Fitness to Practise investigation and MPTS hearing? Dr Udvitha Nandasoma explains.

Complaints process
Handling complaints

9 March 2015

Good practice in handling complaints following the NHS complaints procedure. Dr Sarah Jarvis presents.

Receiving notice of a claim
Notification of a claim

9 March 2015

Dr Sharmala Moodley, deputy head of claims handling, takes you through what to expect if you receive notification of a claim.

Writing a report
Writing a medico-legal report

9 March 2015

It’s always worth taking the time and trouble to get a medico-legal report absolutely right, says Dr Udvitha Nandasoma.

The Spiralling Costs of Defending Members
The spiralling costs of defending members

8 August 2013

Presentation by MDU chief executive Christine Tomkins at the January 2013 medico-legal roadshow.